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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 7 comments
Last night, Luke set up an appointment for us to look at the house again. I liked it even more this time. I think the first time I was trying to not get attached so I couldn't get too excited.
Here's the grand tour as you walk through the house:

When you first walk in the door, there's a small foyer (or whatever it's called) with a wall closet and this 1/2 bathroom.

Then, you walk into the living room - which doesn't look like much right now. But, I adore (not even an exaggeration) the built-in bookshelf!!! I was going to ask Shawn to do one for me, but it came with one. One less thing we have to do!

Then, you hit the dining room and kitchen. The bar where Shawn is standing is going to be the first thing to go - along with the apple border and gingham curtains (ew). Eventually, we'll get new appliances but for now they'll do. It's a tiny kitchen, but with the bar fixed that will open it up a bit. There's also a pantry - which will be great! The dining room is a pretty good size. And, there's a relatively new deck right off of it... which leads down to our tiny back yard and shed...

Now for the upstairs...

This is the Master Bedroom. Again, it's not huge, but it has this...

A walk-in closet (all mine - hehe!) and dressing table!

Both are right outside the bathroom (which you can get to through our room as well as from the hallway)...

Minus that shower curtain, the bathroom is great! It's all new so nothing will have to be done. I will have to change the colors I was planning on for the bathroom, but I actually like this better! Again, one less thing :)

The second bedroom. We're going to use it as an office til we have a baby (yea, I said it) and then eventually divide it into 2 bedrooms. For now, though, it will be a good-sized office with lots of books (because I don't think all of ours combined will fit) / guest bedroom when nieces and nephews come to stay (which, hopefully, they will). There's also an attic in this bedroom. Grant was brave enough to be the first one up in the attic - which is actually pretty big.

Lastly, the (finished) basement...

with a walk-out patio. To say I am excited about having a patio and a deck is an understatement. I have big plans for using them ;)

CAT HOLE! No lie, there was definitely a cat being kept in that closet. However, when we returned yesterday, someone had cleaned it and the smell from the previous time was gone (one less thing! It's the little things, people). Chris and Shawn came up with a game to play using the door hole, though it's probably better if you don't ask - lol!

The basement also has a 1/2 bath and a storage room (hooray for storage!).

There you have it! Our house! Yay!!!! It's not huge, but it's the perfect size for us and will work for awhile. The area is nice and we're near Wal-Mart, Super Target (or whatever it's known as), Kohls, Gabriel Brothers, and Kitchen Collection. I think Shawn's heart skipped a beat when he realized what stores we'd be near - hehe! The neighborhood seems great - we saw a bunch of people out yesterday.

I've begun to not care about the wedding anymore. Now, I'm just ready to start getting the house ready. Luckily, it needs no real work with the neutral paint, etc. - just cosmetic stuff which won't even take that long to do (I don't think).

Also, if you, or if you know of anyone, is getting rid of or selling furniture - please let us know! We'll take it!


  • Short Stop said...


    It looks great! So excited for you! Rachel (Short) and her husband Ryan just moved into the same area. I wonder if you're in the same neighborhood? Emily will know.

    Congratulations. Such an exciting time!

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