Here's What the Guys are Doing in Mexico...

Sunday, June 7, 2009 0 comments
Copper Canyon, Mexico

For anyone who is wondering (and/or didn't get a bulletin in church today), this is what the guys are going to be doing each day in Mexico:

* Sunday, June 7th - This morning, they attended church at Capilla Calvario (Tim Clark led the children's ministry). Right now, the guys are probably in or heading to the Sierra (I don't know what that means - lol). They are going to be spending the night in some cabins in Creel.
* Monday, June 8th - Morning routine (quiet time, devotions, breakfast - fyi), head to a Tarahumara village to help with a water project to bring usable water to the Indians. Spend night in cabins in Creel.

* Tuesday, June 9th - Morning routine, pack up and move to Capilla Calvario (Creel church), then to a Tahuramara village to continue work on water project. Back in the afternoon to eat dinner, pack up in vans, and head to Arepo. Spend the night at base house (building the guys worked on when they went to Mexico 2 years ago).

* Wednesday, June 10th - Morning routine, then work all day on the base house (applying cement stucco to the outer walls); go to divisadero in early afternoon to see the canyon and do some shopping (Shawn got me a beautiful blanket, basket, and bracelet last time). Sleep in base house.

* Thursday, May 11th - Morning routine, go to canyon rim to do worship and final time in the Sierra. Pack up and go to Chihuhua City to do ministry in the Tahuramara community. Spend night in the city.

* TODAY (Friday, June 12th) - Morning routine, free day ("touristy" things around the city, relax). Debriefing in the afternoon. "Last Supper" at Capilla Calvario (a time of communion and reflection on what God has done). Head back to El Paso.

*Saturday, June 13th - Morning routine, fly out of El Paso. Back to BWI around 3:30. YAY!!!!

Today was much better, though I did get discouraged when people in church were talking about who had heard from whom. I spent the afternoon and evening with Amanda. We went shopping at Old Navy (yay for new jeans and some t-shirts!) and then to Honeygo Park to read and relax (we must do that more often - it was great). I am exhausted - partly still from waking up at 3 am yesterday and from having a busy weekend.

I'm not holding out much hope that I'll hear from Shawn this week. I know their phones don't work, but I am trying not to get too upset. He's serving God where he is and I know God is there with them. There's nothing I can do, but hearing from him would be nice.

I'll be updating about the trip on here whenever I know something, though I know many of you will be getting e-mails or phone calls. But, for those of you who are interested, keep checking back (I'll put the updates at the bottom). Please, keep them in prayer and maybe now you'll know some specific things to pray for.

~ 6/8/09 (10:30 am) - Tiffany just heard from Brent, so this is from the e-mail she just sent. Sunday morning they worshipped in Chihuhua. The children's ministry, led by Mr. Tim, went well. Our guys (after driving most of the day) arrived in Creel around 6:30 pm where they attended another church service. Then, they spent the night in a hotel. Today, they will be moving rock and laying a water line for a local village. In addition to helping the visitors, it also gets them used to the guys and lays a foundation for them to be open to hearing the Gospel. Normally, the Tarahumarans are wary of white people. Tonight, they will be travelling to Arepo (a 45 minute/1 hour drive) where they stayed 2 years ago (and where Pastor Manuel lives). They will be spending the night in the building they helped to make when they were last there. Still haven't heard from Shawn...
~ 6/9/09 (8:30 am) - Got an another e-mail from Tiffany. She talked to Brent late last night. Yesterday, as planned, the guys worked on getting fresh water to a village. They spent the day moving lots of rock and sand. A Taruhamaran man named Marcus has recently been converted and Chad and another man named Ryan are working with him to become a missionary to his people (as the Taruhamarans are much more accepting and welcoming of one of their own people). They did some sightseeing in Divisidero. Elder Chris and Chad shared the Gospel with 2 of the men in town and they were very receptive to what they were hearing. Last night, they arrived in Arepo (where they worked last time). They are going to be doing some more work on that house today.


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