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Shawn left for Haiti yesterday morning. He's going down with his work (Shock Trauma) and will be back next Sunday. I'm not sure what they'll be doing - other than the obvious. I'll let you know more updates as I get them but for now, that's all the information I have. That's a little unsettling for me, let me tell you.

I'm excited for him, really, I am. But, I'm also a little jealous. I still have yet to ever go on a missions trip or anything of the sort - something I've wanted to do for a looooooooooooong time. It's something that always weighs heavily on my heart - especially the children in these places. We're not going to Mexico this year either. That's a major disappointment for me, but I'm starting to be ok with it and trying to remember God has some sort of reason for me to not go on a missions trip yet. Grrrrr......

Anyway, Shawn arrived in Haiti around 5 pm on Saturday after a long layover in Miami. He was supposed to be starting at the hospital today, so I can't wait to hear about that.

I'll let you know updates as I get them. It's going to be a loooooooooong week.

~ Talked to Shawn a little while ago. He said when they got to Haiti, you just see a ton of rubble and tents that families are living in. There are no buildings really to be seen. Which, I'm sure everyone expected. I am still trying to imagine that much devastation.

He and his team are staying in a house that he says is pretty nice. It sounds like he had a great day at the hospital. Well, as great a day as one can have in a situation like that. They worked from about 7/7:30 to 4:30/5 and I think that will be their typical work day. The people in charge - a Catholic missions group - said that it isn't safe for them to be in the area where the hospital is after 5. While the house they're staying at is in a safe area (though, they aren't allowed to go out alone - only with the whole group), the hospital is in a not-so- great area. I definitely don't like the idea of that, but they have security and all.

He got to drive an ambulance today, which I'm sure he really enjoyed. Ha! And, he said the food is great. Typical American food, basically. I am glad I got to talk to him a lot the last 2 days, but that ends now because T-Mobile ended their free roaming down there. However, the hospital has a phone they can use and the house has Internet and phones as well.

~ Just talked to Shawn. He says they're starting to get "the hang of things" down there. It was a lot busier today than yesterday (as it was a Sunday) and they performed a lot of surgeries. So, not a lot of down time. One man came in at the end of the day because he was having a heart attack, but they couldn't do too much for him as they don't have the resources. Also, because it was the end of the day, they were getting ready to close the hospital. They did what they could, but just had to leave him there in hopes that he'll still be there tomorrow.

He's already very tired, so pray that God will give him strength and keep his energy up. That was about all from this phone call as T-Mobile is no longer offering their free minutes.

Oh, I forgot, he said not to worry - he's taken plenty of pictures of the food he's eaten at the restaurants. I'm not sure why, though, because he's only eaten American food. That's my husband!

~ I talked to Shawn late yesterday afternoon, but not for very long. He said he would estimate that they helped at least 250 people yesterday. (I'm so proud of him) Shawn's been helping people in the part of the "hospital" that is set up for those almost ready to leave (at least, I think - sometimes he uses words I don't understand. I'll ask again tonight). That's about all. He's still having a good time, but still tired and hot. Doesn't know how any would could stay for more than a week (good news for me) as it's just so much and so physically and emotionally draining.

~ Talked to Shawn a little while ago. Says he is getting used to the hours (and being there in general). Had a "real" Haitian meal tonight (fried plantains, rice and beans, and chicken). Today was busier than yesterday. Lots of hernia operations. That's all for now. I, for one, am ready for him to come home.

~ Heard from Shawn around 9. Today he actually worked in triage, because one of the other nurses got sent back to the house (tooth abcess) where they are staying. He'll be coming home Sunday evening around 10 pm or Monday morning around 1 am. I don't like how this keeps getting later. It worries me. There's no chance of him coming home any earlier as all the flights are completely booked. Boooooooo. I'm getting lonely, but only 3 more days!

~ Today Shawn had a patient with menengitis and they had to give him a spinal tap, which he said was really weird to do outside (I'm not sure how this is different than anything else they've been doing all week). He also met this "really cute" little boy who was about 9 years old with no family, saying that something was wrong with his arm. But, when they checked him out, nothing was wrong. He was probably just there for some sympathy, some food, and a place to stay. How sad is that?!? So, Shawn took care of him and let him play with his camera (which the boy absolutely loved) and he started taking pictures of everything. I bet he'll have some pretty interesting ones. Tomorrow should be a shorter day for him - he thinks they'll be done around 1. A new team is coming in tonight or tomorrow morning, so they'll be filling them in and showing them around. Still not sure when he is coming home - may not know until Sunday. Shawn was asked to stay another week, but he declined. Is it wrong that I'm glad about that?

~ Shawn comes home tomorrow! Gets in BWI at 8:40 pm. Probably home by 10 at the earliest. I really wish he was coming home earlier so we could have more time together, but at least I have church to keep me busy for a few hours. I'm so tired of being alone. It's hard to complain, though, once I think about all the people in Haiti. I've had to remind myself about that a lot this week. It hasn't been a horrible week. Kind of a lonely one, though - even with keeping myself as busy as possible. I just can't wait to see him! They had a shorter day today - only worked until about 3. The new team got there just fine and they showed them around a little. Pray for Shawn and his team as they travel home tomorrow, as well as the team that will be taking over for them.


  • bethany said...

    andi, i truly know how you feel. sometimes chris gets opportunities to serve God in more visible ways...and I feel left behind. But someone recently told me that I'm serving as well just by giving up my husband and our time together to allow him to serve. kinda neat! i'll be praying for you both this week. and don't hesitate to call if you wanna hang out while he's gone!

  • Lovenotes by Lynette said...

    Thanks for the update and sharing on here Andi! We too are praying for Shawn and for you. I am in my 50's and this June is my very 1st missions trip out of the USA. I always wanted to go to Africa, but it never worked out. I was the one staying home with our kids. Dave has always affirmed me in that and said if I didn't do that he would of been really stifled and held back...that I had just as big a part in it for eternity! God has a plan and one day you will get to 'GO' too ~ and it will be worth it all. Love you girl!

  • Mary said...

    I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. God will reward you both for the work you are doing now. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  • Wendy said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the book giveaway. May God bless you and your husband as you begin to carve out a new life together.

    My brother-in-law did a stint in Haiti with The Salvation Army, right after the earthquake hit. I'll have to check back here for photos. I'm also eager to come back and jot down that recipe for crock-pot pizza (with a house full of boys that is sure to be a hit).

  • Wendy said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my book giveaway.

    May God bless you and your husband as you begin to carve out a new life together.

    I'm going to have to try that crock-pot pizza recipe you shared. With a house full of boys it is sure to be a hit.

  • William said...

    Thanks for the update Andi. Know it must be hard, but God knows what he is about. We can rest in that. Praying for both of you that God would do a special work in your lives this week while you are apart.

  • nini14 said...

    Thanks for posting, Andi! I didn't see your updates until today. Glad you have been able to talk to him. Tell him we are praying and look forward to hearing about it and seeing pictures (hoping he is taking pictures of things other than food though!)

  • Lovenotes by Lynette said...

    We have been praying everyday for you and for Shawn. God is good and HE is faithful! Just think of the blessings Shawn is to those in need there. Won't it be wonderful to have in home again soon and in your arms! Love you guys!

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