September 11, 2009 ~ The Best Day of My Life

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Wow, I just realized that I never blogged about our wedding! I know, most everyone reading this (if not all) was there. But, it's still something I wanted to "write" down. You know, until I record everything in the wonderful memory/scrap book Dan & Heidi got us.

Both the ceremony and the reception were at Top of the Bay in Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Luckily, my uncle is in the Army and we were able to have it there! I found out about the location from the family whose kids I watch (Aidan & Gavin). As many know, it took us quite awhile to find a place. But, as soon as I saw Top of the Bay - I just fell in love.

The plan was to have the ceremony outside overlooking the water (which would have been extremely gorgeous), but that was not to be. The trend of raining on every 'important' day of my life continued. (I figure, when I have my first baby, there will be a monsoon outside. No lie - every I time I want to do anything outside, it pours.) It was rainy, windy, and cold. And, not just any kind of rainy - it was a ridiculous amount of rain (which of course, ended by the time the reception was over). We had to move the ceremony inside (thanks to my mom and Miss Jenny and the groomsmen). It was tight, but everyone fit. I like to think it had a cozy, home-y, living room feel.
Here are my favorite pictures:

~ Before the Wedding ~

Putting the finishing touches on the cake

Sorry, I just had to add another picture of my shoes. I can't wait to wear them again!

Matron of Honor (Amanda) & Maid of Honor (Emily) ~ yes, I know Emily hates this picture (she fell right before it was taken), but it's a memory

Bridesmaids (Tiffany, Marianna, Tara, Sarah, & Kimberly) & Junior Bridesmaid (Caitlin)

Flower Girl #1 (Saige wasn't enjoying the picture-taking process)
Ring Bearer (Aidan - my little buddy)
Flower Girl #2 (Skylar)

Getting ready for their big moment

Best Man (Eric)
Groomsmen (Matt, Carl, Ryan, Brent, Luke, & Zach)

All the nephews (Alex, William, Nathan, Caleb, Grant, Jake, Quinn, Mason, Clark, & Reid)
& All the brothers (Carl, Brent, Ryan, & Eric)
Shawn's Parents

My Parents & My Brother (Matt)
Sisters-in-Law (Tara, Kimberly, & Tiffany) & Niece (Caitlin) & Brothers-in-Law

Yes, we saw each other before we were married...
Praying right before the ceremony began

Ready to become husband & wife

~ At the Ceremony ~

Jessie played before the ceremony & Chris played during
All of the boys and Esther brought me the flowers to make my bouquet

Instead of a receiving line, Shawn & I ushered the guests out ourselves
The whole wedding party
(Tara, Tiffany, Marianna, Sarah, Kimberly, Amanda, Emily, Caitlin, Eric, Zach, Luke, Brent, Ryan, Carl, & Matt).
Yea, that's a lot of people.

~ At the Reception ~

In memory of my grandmother, my grandfather, & Shawn's grandfather
Entering the reception - to "The Imperial March" from Star Wars. I know, I totally caved.
Lighting the Unity Candle
Time to cut the cake (it's a lot harder than it seems)
Eric's Best Man speech

First Dance to "For My Love" by Bethany Dillon. Our friend, Hanna, sang while we danced.

Father/Daughter Dance to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman

We invited all of the fathers and daughters to dance with us
Dancing with Caitlin (she's so grown-up)
~ Leaving the Ceremony ~
Off to our honeymoon!
I am still amazed by how relaxed I was the day of the wedding. Even the rain didn't bother me. And, that, my friends can only be God. Y'all know I don't take to changes well. But, I woke up not even worried about it. I spent the morning making a photo book online - that's how calm I was. I couldn't even believe it myself. No tears (except of happiness), nothing. Just elation and excitement.
I absolutely LOVED every minute of our wedding. All the planning and the stress was totally worth it. I honestly wouldn't have changed one thing about it. It was very "me" and very "us." Hopefully, it came across that way. We didn't do everything "by the book." And, the biggest compliment that I got was "it wasn't a cookie cutter wedding." Which, I hope was meant in a good way - that's the way I took it. I had such a great time and was surprised by how relaxed I was. Yes, it flew by, but I will always remember every part of it (I guess that's what happens when you're involved in every aspect of the planning). I can only hope our guests had as great a time as we did - and that they thought it was beautiful...


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