Where I am Now

Monday, February 1, 2010 0 comments
Let's see... not much has changed since almost a month ago. Life is still semi-crazy, even though I often complain that it's "boring." It's not boring, but when I waste my time (the way I still so often do), that's when I find myself unsatisfied. It's obvious why I'm unsatisfied.

I was reading a book by Karen Kingsbury yesterday (don't criticize my reading choices. I love her) and one of the characters was talking about urgency and her relationship towards Christ. THAT'S what I'm missing - urgency. I love God and I know I am loved by Him. Without a doubt. So, I am asking, where is my sense of urgency?

I'm doing better with spending time with God, but I'm nowhere near being "there." Nowhere. near. It pains my heart. The desire is there, it's just the going about it.

I mean, seriously....


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