Today's Update from Mexico Gets Its Own Post

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 1 comments
Many, MANY updates from Mexico today! Yay!

Some of the guys/men were able to get onto Facebook today (not sure why calling is so much harder, lol). Pastor Dave said, "Enjoying the Tarahumara and being in Mexico with the guys from church and Chad Rizzuto! God is so good. Copper Canyon is beautiful and the Tarahumara are a beautiful people." Andy Hughes said, "Alive in Mexico sittin looking at the Copper Canyon playing on WiFi that I found. Yeehaw."

Mel heard from Dave who still has a cold. Miss Anna heard from Thomas. And, Miss Donna heard from Andy. Manda heard from Zach. I'm sure most everyone else heard from their guy there, as well.

The guys are still in Arepo. Yesterday and today they were painting the rooms in the base house (again, where they were 2 years ago). They also put up a telephone pole. After they finished working today, they were planning on going Divisidero to do some sightseeing. Check out this site! Within the next few days, you should be able to see some of the work the guys have been doing in Mexico.

Unfortunately, there has been a big change in plans for their return trip home on Saturday. Mr. Blake was supposed to be able to drive the guys home from the airport (BWI), but now he is unable to do so. Hopefully, we'll be able to get enough people to drive.

Guess what?!? I talked to Shawn!!! I was so excited. He said everything is "awesome." He said worship this morning (on the side of the Canyon) was amazing. And, he was very excited to be going to visit a village. Last time, they were unable to do that as Chad wasn't sure how the Tarahumarans would take it. As I said before, the Tarahumarans are very wary of white people and outsiders. Chad didn't want them to feel as if he was bringing a group in to stare at them and gawk. It was so great to finally hear his voice. He sounds as if he's having an amazing time.

~ Friday, June 12th - Guys are coming home tomorrow! Yay! I was supposed to babysit (which I'd completely forgotten about), but I was able to get off. Now, I am driving down to the airport to pick him up. Not sure I'm riding by myself or with someone. I don't enjoy driving to BWI - I've only done it twice in all the time I've been driving, so it worries me. We'll see... Should be able to talk to Shawn tonight or later today. They're arriving in El Paso at some point. Pray for a safe trip home!


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