Early Morning Yard Sales are the Best

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 2 comments
On Saturday, after the guys left for Mexico, Amanda and I decided to just stay up and go yard saling. Being the first ones there was best and we both got some good purchases. So much, in fact, that it will take 3 pictures to show you. I think I only spent around $25 for everything. That was pretty great. No furniture this time, though. I will keep trying.

Picture # 1: Kid stuff! If You Give a Moose a Muffin and If You Take a Mouse to School. I LOVED these books when I was younger. I was so excited to get two of them for so cheap - now I just need the rest of the collection! Little House on the Prairie, which I may need to read again. A Dear America book about the Titanic - I loved those, too when I was younger. I'm sure there are so many more now than when I was about the right age for them. Now we get to the part that made me "sad." Worst choice I ever made? Giving away all my American Girl books! Why?!?! Why would my mother let me do that?!? I'm sure when I gave them away I wasn't thinking about children or my future nieces (duh!). So, I bought the whole Samantha series (minus one of them) and Meet Felicity (who was my favorite) for $2! Score! I also bought Clue, because I loved it when I was younger. Shawn, Zach, Manda, and I played it recently and let me tell you - it wasn't much fun playing with Zach and Shawn. They take it very seriously and think about things way too much. Fun suckers...
Picture #2: More of my new obsession - glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. I am going to have quite the collection at this rate. I also got a cute glass pitcher. I guess it's for cream or something. It was 25 cents and I couldn't say "no." I LOVE that bowl that I got, too. It will look perfect in the living room (well, as long as it turns out the way I am imagining it). I also picked up A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - one of my favorites. I always forget to buy it on Amazon when I am making a purchase. I also got a Rachael Ray cookbook for $1 and I am trying out one of the recipes tonight. Yippee! It's been awhile since I've cooked for the family.

Picture #3: I know, I know - I said no more clothes. But, they're not for me! They're for Shawn, because he can always use new clothes (even though he swears he can't). And, shoes don't really count as clothes, right? Certainly not these adorable silver heels with a teeny, tiny bow?!?

We'll see what I find next week...


  • Kacee Nichole said...

    oh wow. we have the exact same taste in books...at least when we were younger! haha...i had every one of those diary books when i was a kid, the titanic one is one of my faves! and of course little house on the praire!! i so wanted to be laura ingalls!! and then a tree grows in brooklyn! i didn't read it until i was a sophomore in college and i couldn't put it down!!! it's such a great read! think i should read it again!!!

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