Yard Sales and Cute Kids

Monday, May 25, 2009 3 comments
I am quickly becoming an avid yard saler and bargain hunter (even more than I was before). I can feel it in my bones...

This Saturday, after finding Caitlin a Junior Bridesmaid dress, Tiffany, her kids, and I went to some yard sales around their house. Even though it was about 1 pm, there were still some people with their items for sale (note to self: start yard saleing around there). Right away, I bought a box of candle holders (12 to be exact) for the wedding for a dollar as well as a candle for the reception. I probably would have been happy just with that. We continued on and I also found this:

Isn't it gorgeous?!? A lady was selling this tea set from International Silver Company for $10! It had been a wedding present to her 30ish years ago). It's in great shape and they typically run for about $50 (at least). It will need a little more polishing and a good cleaning, but it will be good as new. Saturday was such a fun day: shopping for wedding stuff, out to lunch with Tiffany and company, yard sales, girl's night.

I am loving the yard sales! In addition to that, on Sunday, Dave and Mel offered us their old dining room set. *** Excitement *** That is such a blessing and I'm so greatful for everyone's willingness to help. We can't afford much, so I'm excited and feel like I'm helping in some way when I find the perfect items!

So, another good bargain hunting weekend. Let me know if you want to join me on my hunts. I really need to get out earlier, though. And, this Saturday I won't be able to go - it's my cousin's wedding. I don't think I'll even have time to get any in before it. But, maybe I can convince Shawn that we should leave even earlier and stop at some on the way.


My dad found this mixed in with some old papers the other day:

If you can't see it too well, it says, "Uncle Shawn and Aunt Andi get married (whenever they get married)." LOL!!! She drew this for us last year at my dad's birthday party, before we were even engaged. Isn't that the greatest?!? She's such a sweetheart!

And yesterday, when I was teaching the lesson for Sunday School, we were talking about family and helping each other. I asked them to name some family members and Quinn said, "Well, you're my aunt..." After an otherwise horrible morning and my horrible attitude, that just melted my heart. It made me feel welcomed (even though I have always felt that way) and it was just so sweet.

This is really happening!


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