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A few weeks ago our homework from pre-marital counseling was for Shawn and I to write our commitments to each other. As with the testimony, it was very hard for me because I wanted it to be "perfect." Therefore, I didn't have mine prepared the exact week we were supposed to do it. I am not a slacker, but if something is important to me - I think about it (often too much) before I write it. It always took me awhile to "get started" in school, too, but with an actual deadline - I was always prepared on time (just in case you were wondering). Even though it's not our actual vows, this was important to me...

As we start our lives together, I commit to loving you with every part of me. But more than that, I commit to putting God first in our marriage and allowing Him to work in us and through us. Numbers 30:2 says, "If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth." While I know that there will be difficult times, I realize how important commitments are to God and I want you to know that I am in this forever. I believe that as we grow closer to God, we will also grow closer together.

I promise to try my hardest to be like the woman in Proverbs 31. I will be worthy of your trust, always yours, and loyal to you for always. I will be generous with my love and keep working to know you better - keeping my own selfishness at bay. I will honor your decisions and trust that God will guide you and me on our journey together. I'll submit to you and, in doing that, I'll honor God as well. I promise to be respectful of you and speak to you kindly and with love. I will be honest with you - even if that may sometimes be difficult. I also will encourage and support you in your walk with God and everything else you want to accomplish. I believe in you.

I will strive to look for the good and not get held up on things that don't really matter. I know that neither of us is ever going to be perfect. I will stand by you in your struggles, giving you the encouragement and love that you need and deserve. I will listen to your problems and try my best to laugh at your jokes. I will share my life with you as well.

I commit to always being hopeful where our marriage is concerned. I will strive to be the best wife and helper that I can be. I know God will honor our commitment and I promise never to let you go. With God's help, we can make it through whatever comes our way.

Lest anyone should think I am doing this to "toot my own horn" (pardon the saying, I couldn't think of anything else), I assure you I am not. This truly came from my heart. And, I just felt like sharing it. Maybe y'all could keep me accountable as I begin the "married life." I am not naive - I know it won't be easy. While I have goals for our marriage (as does Shawn), I don't believe we have any real expectations. It's hard to have them when you have no real idea what you're in for, but I'm sure we'll discover some that we may not have known we had along the way.

So, please, advice is welcome. And, as long as it's done gently and with love, keeping me accountable and holding me to this commitment will be appreciated.

This was taken by Tara the night we got engaged - August 15, 2008


  • Tara-- said...

    very touching! You are going to be a wonderful wife. Love the part about laughing at his jokes. You must have been listening to Eric's marriage advice! ha!

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