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Yesterday's echo went fine!  He still didn't move around a ton, so we were there for what seemed like forEVER.  We still don't have any great ultrasound pictures, but I guess that's not so important in the grand scheme of things.  The doctor told us that everything looks good and that even if something comes up after he is born, it would be able to be fixed by a minor surgery.  We still have to go back at 32 weeks to check his growth.  But until then, I am going to do my best to relax and pray that I don't have to have the baby early.

I feel like I can breathe a huge sigh of relief now and finally relax (aside from the "normal worries" that come along with pregnancy).  Now I really feel more confident.  I am ready to start planning and preparing - even though all we have to do still overwhelms me.
I know our issues seem to be no big deal, but I have never been so worried and stressed out in my life.  All the times I thought "this is the worst thing that could possibly happen" were so small in comparison to this.  We waited for a baby for awhile (though not nearly as long as many) and it's so heartbreaking to hear that something could be wrong.  I am so grateful to God that Jackson seems to be healthy and doing ok in there.  Of course, my prayers that he will continue to grow and develop and be healthy won't ever stop.  I have learned through all of this that I need to trust and to pray more.  When there's nothing I can do - that's all I have.  And that needs to be enough.  I need to remember that God wants my best.

There's still a lot to be done and a ton to learn, but I am ready to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy.  I can NOT wait to hold and love this baby!

21 weeks


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    Good news! We could all save ourselves a lot of worry if we just rest in Jesus' arms and trust that He is working . Enjoy your pregnancy and trust Jesus with the rest. Love you.

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