A Little Bit of Comfort...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 0 comments
I had another OB appointment today.  It went well - Jackson's heartbeat is still loud and strong (normal).  My midwife told me that since she didn't get a phone call from the doctor last week, that she must not be very worried.  She encouraged us again that everything looked good, but the second ultrasound is still important to check the rest of our baby.  She also assured us that she has delivered a lot of babies with this condition who were completely fine and that we shouldn't be too worried at this point.

There is a risk for me to go into labor early, so I need to be cautious and aware of that.  But, again, she said that isn't always an issue.  So, we will now begin to pray that this doesn't happen.  Also, we'll have to have a 32  week ultrasound to make sure baby boy is growing normally.  Around that time I will have to chart his movements to make sure they are normal as well.

The whole appointment was a good comfort to me.  My worry hasn't completely gone away, but it isn't as consuming as it was this past week.  Shawn reminded me the midwife said the same things he's been telling me all week.  But it's hard.  It's our baby and I can't help but want him to be healthy, strong, and developing and growing normally.  I'm sure this is something that never stops.  So, until next week - I will continue to pray that everything is ok.  At least my fears aren't quite so great.


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