Another Week, Another Appointment

Monday, April 23, 2012 0 comments
I feel like all we've been doing lately is going to doctor's appointments.  I am grateful, though, that we are able to afford these doctors to make sure Jackson is safe.

At the second ultrasound, Jackson still wouldn't move around much for them (looks like we have a stubborn one already).  They were able to get most of the pictures they needed, but still none of his face.  The doctor said everything looks good, though - so they must not be too worried about that.  I'm praying there are no surprises in the end... Our Bradley class instructor also reminded us that missing one of the arteries is a common problem.  I am finding more comfort the more often I hear that.

Tomorrow afternoon we have the fetal echo.  The doctor is hoping the baby will be more active - otherwise we were told it could be a loooong appointment.  I am praying that they won't find anything unusual and that everything continues to look good.  I am nervous that something will come up or that maybe he's not moving around enough or something.  It's all a bit overwhelming.

I go through a ton of things in my head - even though no one seems concerned. I've gotten better, but I'm still not "all the way there."  I've been having some anxiety about all that needs to be done and all the things that could happen.  Saturday was a rough day and I found myself almost unable to catch my breath and my heart started racing.  It didn't last long - I remember this happening when I was in college and again in all the wedding/moving/house planning.  It's not good for me and it's not good for the baby.

But, I guess other than that, everything's going pretty well.  I'm enjoying planning and preparing (though I feel like we're a little behind) and thinking about having a baby boy.  I am happy - we prayed for a baby for quite awhile.  I just want everything to be ok...  I want our baby to be healthy and strong - and I pray for him constantly.


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