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Monday, April 2, 2012 1 comments
Well, we found out last week we're having a BOY!  We are so excited - I was actually really hoping for a boy (though I would have been thrilled to have a little girl to dress up).  I so can't wait to do some nursery planning and shopping for our little Jackson.

There is one thing, though.  When the doctor was going over our sonogram, she noticed that there is only 1 artery (instead of 2) in the umbilical cord.  She said everything looks great but, since Jackson decided to be uncooperative and not move around much, she couldn't get all the pictures she needed.  Therefore, she can't tell us that everything is 100% fine.

Apparently, this is a common problem and often it means nothing.  But if could also be a sign of other problems - Downs Syndrome, heart problems, kidney problems, etc.  We're pretty sure it's not Down's Syndrome or any other chromosomal problems as the doctor more than likely would have picked up on that last week.  She was also able to see the top of the baby's head and eyes as well as his kidneys.  And, since she said everything looked "great" from what she had seen, we're assuming those aren't problems either.  We were able to see the heartbeat and the heart-rate seemed good as well.  Anything else could most likely be fixed easily enough (it seems).

So, we're hopeful it's nothing.  Shawn promises he isn't worried - which is a relief for me since he actually understands all this stuff.  He also knows someone from his work whose son had the same problem and he is fine.  I still have to go back next week for another ultrasound and then at the end of April we go in for a Fetal Echo.

I am worried as I just wanted to hear the first part where she stressed that everything looked great.  I am trying to find comfort in that and in remembering that God is in control.  The doctor really didn't seem worried, so I am trying not to be as well.  It just took away from my joy of finding out we are about to have a son (!).  We are praying that our baby boy is growing healthy and strong.  So, please pray that everything is alright and that if anything is wrong - it is something that can be fixed and nothing that is a big deal.  Also, we have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday - I know that we will talk about all this and I am a little scared.  Hopefully, the heartbeat and everything is good...


  • Tara-- said...

    Andi, I know you know that I'm praying for you guys, and that I understand how hard it is to hear news that something might be wrong. Worry creeps up, and it is a daily struggle to truly trust. But just to comfort you....I'm 8 years on the other side of our bad baby news, and now I can look back and am just in awe in how the Lord upheld us, comforted us, and how we learned a little bit better how to be content in this situation. The Lord truly is in control and loves you and Shawn and little Jackson so much. He has the perfect plan for his life. God's ways are not our ways, but they are perfect because He is sovereign. You can rest and have peace in that promise. Love you guys!

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