Loving God Full-Force

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 0 comments
I've finally gotten around to finishing the first (of 2) Passion Conference dvd that Wendy let me borrow a year ago (sorry, Wendy). Tonight, I watched Joshua Harris and Kirk Cameron. Yes, the Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains.

Yes, the Kirk Cameron I had a major crush on when I was very little. One and the same. I've heard him speak before at Creation - possibly even on the same topic, but that was before I really and truly cared about God. Basically, he presented the Gospel in a way I've heard many times. I know the Gospel inside and out. Many of the people I know do. But that, of course, doesn't make you a Christian. Simply knowing the Gospel isn't enough. I never mind hearing the Gospel - I don't think any of us should ever tire of that - but I always like hearing "new" people tell it. I find that I almost always get a new truth. Tonight it was this...

"Have I loved God so much that my love for my husband, family, and friends looks like hatred?"
Stopped me dead. in. my. tracks...
I know I love God. I know I am a Christian. There is NO (let me stress that - NO) doubt about that! However, I am not sure I act like this. I often concern myself too much with "what will people think of me" and not "I love God so much that I don't even care". I love my family, my husband, and my friends. They're (you're) very important to me, but I think that sometimes I make others too important.
So, here's what I want to know - how do I love God that much? I LOVE God! No, I'm not perfect and yes, He often gets pushed to the back. It's something is a constant work in progress. How do I find that balance?


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