When Love Takes You In ~ "Choosing to See"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 0 comments
I thought this story from Choosing to See was so beautiful. Mary Beth and her family chose to adopt from China and while she was trying to be excited, she was also very apprehensive (which, I think most would say is understandable) and no one was sure how she would act when they brought the baby to her. As soon as she saw the woman turn the corner holding her baby, she ran to her and held her and wept. Beautiful. But, what I think is the most beautiful is her thought process and what she realized once the baby was placed in her arms:

"In that moment, time stopped.
It was like God was speaking to me directly, 'Mary Beth, you thickheaded woman, do you not understand now that this is the very way I see you? You are this orphan! I adopted you and you are Mine! I bought you for a price! Do you see how you love this baby? That's just a faint reflection of how much I love you! You didn't have a name, and I gave you a name. You did nothing to deserve My love, and I love you anyway. You had no hope, no future, and now you are the daughter of the King'!"
"'Do you get it NOW'? God was saying to me...
In an instant, God had bonded me forever to this little girl, and nothing would separate us. In doing so, He also showed me the forever fierceness of HIS unconditional love for me, doing a work of grace in my life that I'd never known before."
Isn't that amazing?!? It just spoke to me so much. Why do I take His love for granted? I have done nothing to warrant it, and yet He loves me. He is here for me. He wants me!


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