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Thursday, July 9, 2009 0 comments
Everyone who knows me probably knows that 4th of July is my favorite holiday - even more than Christmas, for sure. I love the hot weather (well, when it's not raining) and my family probably has more 4th of July traditions than anything else.

The last few years, it's rained (not that that's ever stopped us from doing too much). And, last year Shawn was working. So, I was more excited than normal - imagine that - this year. We always have the busiest day, but it is always so much fun and we don't mind "bouncing around" from one place to the next.
For almost as long as I can remember, we begin our day at Mr. Doug's for breakfast. My parents, Mr. Lou, and Mr. Doug break out the charcoal grills and cook eggs, ham, bacon, and sausage while everyone else brings fruit, pastries, donuts, etc. It's delicious and fun to do something different while we wait for the Kingsville Parade to begin. I think this year Mom said we had 90 people!

Ping, Amy, Kendelle, & David found a frog and named him Johan Yo (for real)
After eating a ton of breakfast foods (which I hate any other day of the year), we watch the Parade. Shawn and I both opted out of participating in the Open Bible float this year - he was tired from working a lot and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could, after not seeing him for about a week. I guess since we've been in the parade the last few years, I didn't really remember the parade was kind of boring and loooong. It was still fun, though :)

That's what Shawn did during the parade

Next up: the Myers's cookout. This was their 26th year holding it, so that's been one of our traditions since even before I was born. It's always a lot of fun to see people I don't often see.

Shawn & Zach won the water balloon toss

After that cookout, it was on to another one at Chris & Heather's house. This cookout was for our small groups. I was excited to talk to everyone (even though I see them every Sunday), because I haven't been able to go yet this summer and I miss being in the more casual setting with everyone.
Cornhole: I am NOT good at that game
Playing "Signs"

Our last "event" of the day was the fireworks in Bel Air with Eric & Tara, Shawn's parents, and Ryan. Yes, I STILL have to go see them every year. The last few years it has rained and the results of the fireworks have been less than stellar due to the rain and our location. However, this year, we found the perfect spot. It was lots of fun and, yes, the fireworks are still amazing (in my mind, anyway)!

That's my favorite kind of firework

Well, that pretty much wraps up our day - though we did go to Waffle House with Eric and Tara after the fireworks were finished. I really think this was my best 4th of July. I know, I know - I'm such a dork. But, it really was a fun and relaxing day (if you can believe the relaxing part) and a nice break from doing "the usual.


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