One Room is Done!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 1 comments
Well, we only have one room really done in our house right now. Pretty much everything else is "in progress." It's getting frustrating, but really, it's just little stuff. I wish I knew how to do more, though, because I feel like I just sit around a lot (even though I know I really don't).

So, here is the front of our house and living room. Enjoy the fall decorations - they're coming down on Saturday.

Going out on a date. I love going out with Shawn! We don't get to very often because of our schedules (well, mostly his).

While it might not seem exciting or like much to you, I love it. I think our living room is cozy and there's a pretty good amount of room for entertaining (which we'll one day start doing) and playing Wii (ha!). I'd love to show you the picture of our bookshelf, Blogger doesn't feel like letting me. It's still my favorite part of the house.

Hopefully there will be more pictures to come soon...


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