Meet Libby: Part 2

Monday, November 16, 2009 2 comments
Well, Libby has been with Shawn and I for about 2 months now - since the day after we got back from our honeymoon. She's just so adorable and sweet. Now, anyway. It took a few weeks for me to actually like her. Cleaning up pee and poop got old really fast - as did her not listening to me. I'm not sure how Brent and Tiffany took care of a whole litter of puppies. One almost did me in.

Yes, Shawn tried to warn me that a puppy wasn't easy and that they could (quite frankly) be pretty annoying. I still didn't know what to expect as I never really had a pet (besides a bunny) growing up. I've always wanted a puppy.

Here are some quick pictures... She's gotten big pretty quickly.

Aidan attempted to take Libby on her first walk. We didn't get very far and I'm surprised he didn't strangle her.

Just look at those big, sad eyes. She's even turned Shawn into an old softie.

This is my favorite picture.

Her second walk at the Gunpowder went a little better - even if she did throw up 3 times there and once on the way home.

And, this is definitely the funniest. She climbed into Gavin's exersaucer all on her own. I looked away for a minute, and I still can't figure out how she got herself in there.
Brent, Tiffany, and family (probably mostly Caitlin) got this dress for Libby and I put it on her when they came to visit last week. Shawn's not such a huge fan of it - he wouldn't even take her outside to go to the bathroom with it on...
Finally calmed down and asleep. It takes a lot to wear Libby out and now that she can get on the sofa by herself, she thinks she owns the place.

I guess Libby's our "kid" for now. Heaven help me, I think I've become one of "those dog people". I have her Christmas present (chew toys) in our bedroom to prove it.


  • ktNcompany said...

    haha... this is all so true. i am enjoying Parsley as a new addition to our family... but they really are all work in the beginning. keep going, though - dogs are just like kids. all the hard work in the beginning pays off b/c it results in a well-behaved dog (or child!). consistency is EVERYthing - w/ dogs and kids. i highly recommend Cesar Millan's books/methods when it comes to dealing w/ dogs - check out his show (the dog whisperer) sometime! i've been using the techniques on Parsley since we got her last week and have had impressive results.

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