Vacation to Virginia Beach

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 2 comments

This year, all Mr. Bill wanted for his birthday was for "everyone" (aka the family) to go on a weekend trip together. So, Miss Denise organized and planned a weekend trip to Virginia Beach. That's 25 people - with 15 being children (if I am counting correctly). Here are some highlights from the weekend:

I HATE riding in the car for long amounts (ok, any amount) of time. I was ok at first, but once it got too dark to read - I went a little crazy. It took 7 hours to get there - traffic was miserable. You know when your GPS says that you've been "still" for 88 minutes and "moving" for 45 minutes that there's a serious problem. The looong car ride to the beach:

I started out this way... and this is how we both looked by the end.
The Regency (our "home" for the weekend):
View from the balcony
The Beach (my favorite!):
The dolphins were so close to us! Beautiful!
Shawn doesn't like any part of the beach, however I LOVE it - this may not be a good sign for future vacations.
Ummm... I like to play in the sand :)

Relaxing on Saturday:
Playing Games:

The pool table was a big hit - someone was constantly playing
Kimberly taught us how to play "Dutch Blitz"

Going Out for Ice Cream (and striking fear into the waitresses):
Quinn & Reid are "best buddies" - and very serious about their ice cream.
Carl & Kimberly's Family:
I think these are pictures of Alex & William, but I'm not sure (sorry)
- Esther
- Daniel - Samuel
I didn't get a picture of Nathan, either. Like Grant, he was "on the move" all weekend...
Brent & Tiffany's Family:
- Caitlin
Here's is where there should be a picture of Grant, but I don't think he stopped moving long enough for me to take a picture of him *sigh - boys*
- Jake - Quinn

Eric & Tara's Family:

Eric & Tara
- Mason - Clark
- Reid

Other Pictures:

- The whole family

So, obviously I am a major picture-taker! I had so many pictures, but these are some of my favorites. I am so glad I was "invited" and able to go. I had a good time (though, for awhile, we weren't sure we would make it - hehe!). I love Shawn's family and I can't wait to be a part of it!


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