Craft Time!

Thursday, April 14, 2011 0 comments
So, I am not typically a "crafter." I usually run away from anything that involves any type of craft - except for an occasional scrapbook (don't even get me started on the one I still have not completed. let's just say, it was started when Shawn & I started dating - almost 7 years ago). But, ever since we bought our house, I have been obsessed with decorating blogs and any type of home store. However, we do not have enough money for the little things that aren't really necessities. Most of what we own has been generously given to us, bought on CraigsList, or found at yard sale / thrift store. So I have decided to start making what I can, plus isn't it trendy to be "green" ;) As I said, I read a lot of decorating blogs. Like, a lot. Almost an embarrassing amount. Almost... It's an addiction (along with my love for cooking blogs). I stumbled upon this blog a few weeks ago after seeing a picture of this craft on another blog. And so I decided to "take the leap" and try a simple, starter craft.

You're supposed to use scraps of paper or scraps of ribbon. I had neither (it really shouldn't surprise anyone that I don't own any of that), but it only cost me about $7 at Michael's for Mod Podge, some twine, and three types of paper. I also bought the tall vase at the Dollar Store. Big wow...

So, behold - my vases. They're now our dining room table centerpiece. I think I may try another craft, though I am a little leery of this one ---> Vintage YoYo Bobby Pins. It involves sewing (gulp! never, ever been good at that. can't even remember the last time I picked up a needle and thread. like 5th grade?) and a glue gun. Which I don't have. Yea, we'll see....


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