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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 4 comments
I need some help. Shawn is working (or sleeping during the day because he's worked all night) about 4 days a week. That leaves me with a lot of free time. I've just about run out of stuff to do. I spend my time with God, watch podcasts and movies, read a lot, and eventually I want to finish my scrapbook of mine and Shawn's dating years (let's just say, I have 1 page done). But, that's not enough. I cook and clean and do laundry and do all the necessary shopping. I go to the gym and exercise at home. I babysit twice a week. Our house is basically done. I play with Libby and take her for walks. Still - many of these things still leave me feeling lonely and/or like I could be using my time more wisely (though I've been getting a lot better with that). And I'm bored. My question is: now what?

I would love to go back to school. I so badly miss it and I miss writing and the required reading. But, we can't afford it (aside from the fact that summer is coming). At least not right now. I think maybe I'm going to have to start teaching myself.

So, what should I start with? I was thinking possibly photography. Maybe this will entice Shawn to get me a new camera? Hehe

Suggestions? Other things to fill my time? I'm at a loss...


  • Davesgirl said...

    Run down to Open Bible once a week and take a "younger" girl out to Starbucks...

    Make yourself a rule that you write 3 encouraging cards each week, to people who probably haven't been "noticed" in awhile or who need a kind word...

    Photography class sounds good!

    Start a little baking business... one lady I heard of baked chocolate chip cookies in the evening twice a week and delivered them the next day to an office building. Made $$!

    Volunteer at the Edgewood homeless shelter every other week or once a month- Dawn Roden does this, as well as her oldest son now too! She likes it.

    You are by nature a sensitive encourager, and it would be good to be able to put those gifts to good use- in these "not so busy" years. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

  • Sasha Marie said...

    I had this same issue last summer when I didn't work and was stuck in the house alllll ddayyy loonnngggg! It was miserable. But there are some great things in your area that you could get involved with to help pass the time. Volunteer work is always a wonderful thing, and you are not only helping people out, but nourishing your own soul at the same time. It can be a food panty, or even an animal shelter. Since you love to read and write, see if there is a womans book club at the local library, or start one up with the church! And my mom always said, if we're bored, "write a book". Thats what Nicolas Sparks mom said to him one day cuz he was a bum without a job living at home, so he did and now look where he is :) (not that youre a bum though!!) You could always start with some short stories and work your way up. This is also a great time to learn a language. Now that youll have some additional chicos to the family, you could try your hand at spanish. Or italian, or french, or japanese! Learning a language is fun yet challenging and makes the time go by fast. And like you mentioned photography is a great idea. Its a new talent and a way to get out of the house and explore the beauty of MD :)

  • Lovenotes by Lynette said...

    ~ learn a new skill, like sewing or crocheting, will be handy for gifts later when you have no $$ and lots of littles.

    ~ Send cards to shut ins or those who are lonely or widowed or a widow (they are REALLY lonely)

    ~ Offer to come play with someones children so she can take a nap or run errands.

    ~ Take a widow to TEA or over for TEA, don't overdo, just TEA and a cookie.

    ~ Go meet your neighbors. I take a plate of 'something' to all new people in our neighborhood......makes them feel welcome. Force yourself and just say HI ~ I know what it is like to be NEW!

    ~ Take a teen ager out for icecream or have her over for ice cream and just 'listen'.

    ~ Volunteer at OBCA to read to the kindergartners or 1st grade. Or to give a teacher a break once a week.

    ~ Offer to wash a car for a widow, pull weeds, or sweep her walk.

    ~ Make some candy and take it to someone who can't get out. I like to make soup, so that is what I take.

    There are so many things you can do now, that you will not be available to do when you have littles. Just plan a day and do it! You will be so blessed and so will they!

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